Friday, March 16, 2012

How to get a baton

  The end of the baton on the right side of the baton is called the ball.
                                    The end of the baton on the left side is the tip.
                                    The ball is the larger rubber end.  The tip is the smaller rubber end.
                                    The metal rod between the ball and tip is called the shaft.
   Choosing a baton:
   There are many types of batons.  We prefer the international baton.   You should compare the weights and shapes of the various batons.  In my experience, once you twirl with one type of baton any other baton seems weird and takes time to get used to.

   Sizing your baton:
   You should measure the twirler from her airpit to the tip of her middle finger.   If you have a young twirler, I recommend adding one inch on to that measurement.  It will cut down the number of times you have to buy new batons.

     Taping your baton:
    Taping your baton makes it easier to twirl and prettier.  
    You should purchase two types of tape, reflective tape and grip tape.
    These tape can be made to be the same (or close) to the color of your uniform.
    Measure the shaft portion of your baton to find the exact middle.
    Have your twirler place the middle of her left hand over that spot.
    Then, have her place her right hand beside her left hand and mark the right side of her hand with a small piece of tape (on the baton). 
    Next, have her move her right hand to the left side of her left hand and mark right side of her hand (on the baton).
   Between  those two marks is where the grip tape should be placed (electrical tape can be used).
   Apply the tape at an angle.  Then wrap around the baton.  Make it look like and old fashioned candy cane.
   Cut the tape at an angle when you reach your second mark.
   Wrap the baton straight around at the ends of the first tape with grip tape.
   The reflective tape can be placed to the right and left of the grip tape at even spacing.

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